7 Free Apps That Can Earn You Cash Today

With very little effort, I’ve found 7 apps that can earn me quick cash by just using my smartphone.

Whether it’s by completing surveys, watching videos, secret shopping and sharing photos, these apps can turn your spare time into a goldmine.

Receipt Hog

This little gem lets you scan your high street receipts in, and gives you coins, which you can then use as Amazon vouchers or cash via Paypal.

Anything goes, from corner shops and off licenses to pharmacies and pet stores.

Receipts with less than £10 spend normally earn around 5 coins.  £10-£50 gets you 10 coins, £50-£100 15 coins and anything over £100 20 coins.

I’ve found out, though, that, when you reach 100 coins a week, any further uploads will only give you 5 coins. So I’ve been holding my bigger ones back and scanning them in the week after.

If you think this sounds like to much work, then think of it this way, for just 2,850 coins, I can make £10, for just buying what I’d normally buy every week, and wombling whilst there.

If you stay active, they’ll also ask you to complete small surveys which give you extra turns on the slot.

For a referral code, see here.


This is an entertaining survey site that pays you for completing short online tasks in virtual cash for doing simple things like completing surveys, playing games, shopping, watching videos or using their own search engine.

Swagbucks can then be swapped for real hard cold cash, gift cards or Paypal credits.

Money Saving Expert currently have a deal with them, which offers all new sign ups £10 bonus points if you earn £5 within 30 days.

I dedicated quite a bit of time to this and found that the more I did, the more I seemed to earn.


CheckoutSmart lets you claim cashback on items you’ve bought from tons of major UK retailers. It features different items each week that you can claim cash back from.

After you’ve been shopping, upload your receipt to your app or via their website. It can take up to 7 days for your reward to be tracked, and the money will show in your account after this.

You can request the money directly to your bank account, or via PayPal.

The thing that I like the best is that you can claim anything over a quid, and withdraw money when you reach £5.

Top Tip: Wait until you’ve reached over £20 to avoid the 5% fee.


I haven’t been on this long, but so far I think it’s one of the best payers.

You receive points for surveys, which then get turned into vouchers.

What I like is that they are upfront about how long the surveys are going to take before you start, so if you know you’ve got to pop out on the school run, you can decline.

Yep, it does only pay in vouchers but some pretty big names are involved, like John Lewis and Argos.

I can easily make a minimum of £10 a month, that’s around 1,380 points. You get anything from 5 to 250 points a survey, and they are plentiful!

7 Free Apps That Can Earn You Cash Today

Shopprize UK

For Android users, this is another scan your receipt and earn points site.  These points then add up and allow you to earn daily sweepstakes and giveaways entries, or exchange them for Amazon vouchers.

I found I got points quite quickly, mainly thanks to the added bonuses. You can collect 100 points for every receipt, though, but there’s a max of 5 a day.

Top Tip: Log in every day for an extra 125 coins.


Again, just for Android, but by signing up you receive a free £5 Amazon voucher!

MobileXpression has been designed to track trends of mobile users. After being active for seven days, you will receive your free £5 Amazon voucher. It’s as easy as that!


This one is a double whammy! Not only can you make money but also save money off your shopping bill as well.

Once you’ve shopped, and that’s in any one of the major supermarkets including Co-Op and Waitrose, the handy app will show you how much you can earn back.

It’s as simple as finding the item, taking a picture of your receipt and earn the money back.

Their offers often change, but you can usually earn money off of milk, bread, eggs and any other family favourites.

When you’ve saved £4, you can either have it transferred via BACS or via Paypal.

These aren’t going to bring you in a full-time income, but they certainly will help! I’ve topped up my wages with each one of these, and use them more as birthdays and Christmas comes up.

Give them a go and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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  1. I love Swagbucks, I think because there are so many different ways to earn from it you never get board. I haven’t been on I-say since before I went on maternity leave. I saved up enough vouchers to buy my babies car seat from Amazon. I must get back in there again!

    Thanks for the great post.

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