The 6 Best Expense Tracker Apps You Need in Your Life 

The 6 Best Expense Tracker Apps You Need in Your Life 

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After too many sleepless nights, keeping track of all your bills suddenly becomes a minefield. Using a daily expense tracker app might just be what you need to keep your finances in order, but which one is the best?

As dull as it may be, managing your money and budgeting is crucial. In fact, ignoring your cash flow completely could be one of the most dangerous things you do as an adult.

But budgets don’t have to be boring and keeping track of your money takes minimal effort.

So here are 6 of the best apps that make it super easy to keep tabs on your money.


Part of ING, Yolt is a great expense tracker tool if you want to manage your overall spending.

Using categories, this expense app sets out your budget simply. You can view all your accounts together, including any joint accounts from multiple banks.

Using their “Smart Money Insights” tab, you see week by week how you’ve been spending, with the categories telling you how much of your wage has been used.

Giving you an idea of how much you have left to spend over the month, it also takes expected bills into account.

It can track everything, from your energy providers to subscriptions. Tracking and monitoring your cash is easy, especially if you want to try and keep a certain category down.

Star Feature: Being able to compare energy deals so you know you’re getting the best deal.

Cost: Free

Money Dash

This clever personal expense tracker lets you view all your incomings and outgoings all in one place.

No matter the supplier or bank, you can view your financial portfolio all in one place.

Money Dash gives you a weekly snapshot via email and a quick dashboard overall when you’re out and about.

Everything is group together so you can easily see what you’ve been spending and the simple charts help lay it out.

Star Feature: If you want to start saving, then you can set up goals and the app will help predict how much you will have leftover every month to save.

Cost: Free


This is a great expenses app for anyone with very low self-restraint as it works on a “can’t see it, can’t spend it” policy.

Squirrel realises your money bit by bit, by portioning your money into three groups; commitments (bills, mortgage etc), saving and spending.

It then realises money into your current account when it’s needed.

Any money left over is classed as spending money, and the app will divide it up for you, letting you know how much you have day by day.

The only downside is it does take a day to update, so if you need minute by minute numbers, then this may not be for you.

Star Feature: Really clear to see where your money is going, and you don’t need to think about anything, it tells you exactly what you have.

Cost: Free for the first three months then £3.99 a month.

The 6 best expense tracker apps that help you manage your money by Laura at Savings 4 Savvy Mums. #ManageMoney #SavingMoneyApps #BudgetManaging


If you need to save in a hurry, then this personal tracker app is for you.

With read-only access to your incomings and outgoings, Chip quickly works out how much you can afford to save without affecting your spending.

It then divides your cash into separate accounts and saves with Barclays. The only input it then needs is if you need to save more than £100 a month, then it requires you to move this manually.

Star Feature: One click saving. You save a set amount every month with no need to think about how much that is.

Cost: Free


This app helps you manage your money by splitting it into different pots to help you get on top of your finances.

OnTrees is a great starter app if you’ve never one before, and are really looking to work out where your money is going.

Star Feature: Very simple to use gives an easy list of how much you have.

Cost: Free

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Like the others, MoneyHub tracks your daily expenses and puts your financial portfolio all in one place. It includes loans, investments and credit cards, to give a total view of where you are.

It helps you set up budget goals and tracks how you’re going.

Star Features: The handy calculators are great. Taxes, pensions and house prices can be added, to help you reach your long-term goals.

Cost: Free

So what do you think? Have you been using an expense tracker for long? Does it work for you?

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  1. I think Yolt expense tracker is the best. I use this tracker. “Giving you an idea of how much you have left to spend over the month, it also takes expected bills into account”, this is a hundred percent right speech. This tracker changes my mind and my lifestyle to set my deals. Thanks to admin for sharing these trackers with us.

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