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20Cogs Review: How to Make £10 in 2 Minutes

20Cogs Review: How to Make £10 in 2 Minutes

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Including A legit way to make £200 online

20Cogs is an easy way to earn money online. From answering survey questions to joining free trials, 20Cogs is a legitimate way to earn money for home.

This 20Cogs review will talk you through how to set up your account for the first time, complete your first survey and receive a £10 within 2 minutes.

Join 20Cogs here for free and receive £10 once you’ve completed your first cog.*

What is 20Cogs?

20Cogs is a survey site that asks you to answer questions about yourself or about experiences that you’ve had with certain retailers. You may be asked to join free trials or watch videos to complete your cogs. Once you have earned 20 cogs you can cash your money out.

Each cog is worth a different a set price so you can see how much extra money you are earning after each one. Some do take 24-hours to confirm though so make sure you check back to make sure it has been accepted. The average reward is £10 but we have been offered some that are more and less.

This extra cash adds up pretty quickly. The first time we completed all 20Cogs we were paid £200.

The only downside is that you can not cash out until you have completed all 20Cogs. Some of the offers do require you to join other survey sites or request payment of £1 to join subscription boxes so watch out for them. We end up requested about cog in this instance.

Join 20Cogs here for free and receive £10 once you’ve completed your first cog.*

How does 20Cogs work?

The aim of 20Cogs is for you to turn all your cogs green.

20Cogs gets paid by the companies that they are advertising. They then share the money that they are getting paid with you. 20Cogs works by trying to encourage you to sign up to their sponsors.

You can earn money pretty quickly. Keep reading below for our 20Cogs walkthrough or join here now for free and receive a £5 welcome bonus and £5 extra when you complete your first survey.

On the home page, once you’ve signed in you get the option to start building up your cogs or to try some Bonus Offers first. These don’t count towards your cogs total but give you a feel for what the surveys are like.

Join 20Cogs here for free and receive £10 once you’ve completed your first cog.*

Is 20Cogs a scam?

No, 20Cogs is a legit way to make money online at home. Once you’ve completed the 20 cogs you will get paid. You get a choice of either BACS payment or through your PayPal account. These details can be found by going to My Account > Payment Settings.

20Cogs are on Trustpilot and have over 4,000 reviews that all say they’ve earned money with them. We ourselves have earned over £200 with them within the first week of us joining.

They have a really great customer service team too. If you have issues at all contact them and they answer back really quickly.

The only downside we found was that we received a lot of phone calls and advertising emails. We recommend always using a fake number and an email inbox just for survey sites like 20Cogs so that you don’t get bogged down with all the offers you receive.

Make sure you always read the small print though. There has been a few times that we’ve been offered a free trial or asked to pay money for something and found it really hard to opt-out. To get your cog you sometimes have to be a member of the new sign-up for over 24-hours so make sure that it isn’t going to cost you any more than the original amount.

They do give you the option to pick another cog though and you can do that easily.

Remember that any money you pay towards a trial comes out of your overall profit.

We did complete all 20 cogs are makeover £200 so are in profit but it’s something to be aware of and to watch for. Please read the grey small print before you pay any money.

Join 20Cogs here for free and receive £10 once you’ve completed your first cog.*

20Cogs walkthrough

If you like the sound of 20Cogs then this is your complete walkthrough to how to earn £10 in 2 minutes flat.

20Cogs is completely free to join. You will need to enter your name, email address, and telephone number. if you have a spare email address then it’s best to use that instead of your main one as we found you do get quite a few emails from them and their partners.

If you haven’t already, Join 20Cogs here for free and receive £10 once you’ve completed your first cog.*

Next, accept or decline if you want to receive emails from them. We ticked yes as it was a daily reminder for us to keep checking back.

You’ll then be taken to their dashboard. Make sure you confirm your email address through the link they have sent you.

This is your main screen. On the left-hand side it shows you your current bonuses and your confirmed payout once you’ve reached your 20 cogs.

Just below that is your progress bar. The cog is grey if it’s waiting for you to complete it. It will turn yellow while it is being validated and green once it has been confirmed. If it comes back red then make sure you contact the customer service team to find out why.

On the right-hand side are your cog details. This is where the offer cog is explained. All the terms and conditions are here, a little about the company and what you need to do to complete the cog.

Cog 1 is really easy to complete and earns you another £5. the questions are based on what you like and the kind of preferences you have and what kind of questions you want to be asked.

Each cog gives you the company name and how much it is worth. You can also choose to change your cog to something else if you don’t like offer or the company.

Once you’ve pressed the earn button, the screen will come on confirming how much this cog is worth and what you need to do to get the money.

This took us about a minute to complete and you can quickly see that your £5 is added to your account. Well done! You have just made £10 really quickly!

Cog 2 for us was signing up for a trial with Graze box for £1. For cogs like this make sure that you take screenshots to confirm that you’ve actually done this in case the system decides not to log it. It doesn’t happen often but has happened to us so taking screenshots helps to cover yourself and makes sure that you get paid for that cog.

You then continue through the cogs until you’ve done all 20 cogs. You can then cash out easily through either BACS or PayPal.

Make sure you have a look at the bonus offers too. They don’t count towards your 20 cogs total but might earn you a little extra cash through external survey sites.

After you’ve completed the 20 cogs you can go again!

The earning top at the top is a great way to see your progress. It details each payment for you so you exactly what is waiting to be vaildated and what is confirmed.

They do this so that you can move on to the next cog without having to wait for the cog before going green. This means that you could technically complete all 20 cogs in one day. You would have to wait though for them all to validate and be confirmed. This can take up to 3-days but with us, took about 24-hours.

Is 20Cogs worth it?

Yes, it is! 20Cogs is a great way to earn money online. it is really simple to use and they are open from the start that you don’t get paid until you’ve completed all 20 cogs.

Join 20Cogs here for free and receive £10 once you’ve completed your first cog.*

The pros of using 20Cogs are:

  • They are easy to use
  • You can earn £10 within 2 minutes
  • The price per cog is pretty high. Anything from £2.50 to £10
  • They payout using BACS or PayPal
  • There customer service is second to none
  • You can earn money while sat watching TV

Cons of using 20Cogs:

  • You can only cash out when you have completed the 20 cogs and they are all green
  • Only UK residents can currently join
  • For many offers, you have to be over 18, and for some over 25
  • You do get spammed so having a second email address that you can use is key
  • Reading the small print is a must as in some cases you need to stick to a trial or subscription for a certain length of time to confirm your cog
  • You need to take screenshots as sometimes the system doesn’t register you’ve completed the cog.

Our experience on 20 Cogs

We love 20Cogs and find it a great way to earn extra money online. The tasks are pretty easy and at the end of the 20Cogs we earned just over £200 which we felt was pretty good for the little time we put in.

You could easily complete all 20Cogs within a couple of days if you wanted to. We wouldn’t suggest it though as some of the surveys can feel a bit repetitive at times. You may also need to wait for the customer service team to validate some of the offers.

We keep screenshots of everything we do as well as there has been a few times that we haven’t been validated for something we did. This was quickly sorted through by the customer service team with no issues.

We were excited about the number of freebies we got and while there were the normal survey site questions, some of the surveys were actually fun to fill out.

You may find though, like us, that the more we went through our cogs the more paid offers we had to accept.

At the start, we accepted everything from a £1.99 Graze box to a Taste card for £1 and a Now TV free trial. We did pay towards these and canceled at the end of the trial period. We set an alarm on our phones to remember to cancel.

What we love about 20Cogs the most is that it’s so easy to make money. We love matched betting and other survey sites like OhMyDosh but they aren’t as easy to navigate as 20Cogs is.

Join 20Cogs here for free and receive £10 once you’ve completed your first cog.*

If you haven’t tried matched betting yet then read our full guide to earning a free £40 here.

OhMyDosh gives you a free £1 for joining and plays out quickly. Read more about OhMyDosh here.

Like all survey sites there are some downfalls, like having to wait for the payout but we really enjoy 20Cogs. They are a great way to earn money from home without really having to do much at all.

More sites like 20Cogs

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This is the only 20Cogs review that you'll ever need. We included a 20Cogs walkthrough and how to make £10 quickly by Laura at Savings 4 Savvy Mums

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