#Week 5 Meal Plan – Picky Eaters

#Week 5 Meal Plan – Picky Eaters

So as you can tell from the past four weeks, the kids and I tend to eat the same old food week in and week out. I would love to blame it all of them, but I can’t, because it is me who is the picky eater.

I love food! Like, really love food, but when it comes to fish, nuts, anything green, purple or mushroom shaped, I generally won’t go anywhere near it. I’m guessing you’re starting to see the issue here. I really want my kids to have a balanced diet and to try everything, but how can I ask them too when I won’t do it myself? Yep, it’s a hard one.

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I’ve been told recently that maybe my food is too simple, that my kids need more variety. Really? I’m not so sure. I really don’t see the point in spending over my budget on food none of us are going to eat, even if it is to just “try” it.

So I’m going to say sorry now if you’ve stumbled across this post hoping for a sophisticated meal plan because you’re not going to find that here. I do like simple, easy to prepare food. Food that I would go as far as to call family favorites, that can be made quickly, but that are semi-healthy and that kids (mostly) everywhere enjoy.

This past week I’ve done really well. I stuck to the food plan fully. I’m not wondering if that was because we spent under £40 and didn’t have a lot of food or if it was because The husband was on early shifts, so was around more to cook for. Nothing was swapped out this week, but we did give the kids a mixture of yogurt or jelly after dinner, as they seemed to be mega hungry! Another growth spurt seems to be on the horizon I think!!

Friday 6th – Friday 13th January Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Friday Scotch Pancakes & Smoothie Crackers, Popcorn & Pear Bacon & Cheese Pasta Bake
Saturday Egg & Soldiers Pitta Pizzas Fish Cakes, Homemade Chips & Beans
Sunday Fruit Smoothie & Hot Cross Bun Part Baked Bread, Cheese & Fruit. Sausages, Roast Potatoes, Veg & Gravy
Monday Cereal & Plum Cheese & Ham Crumpets Slow Cooker Spaghetti Bolognese
Tuesday Pancakes & Banana Spag Bol left overs Fish Curry & Naan
Wednesday Fruit Bread & Smoothie Crackers, Popcorn & Pear Veggie Chili
Thursday Porridge & Yogurt Cheese & Ham Sandwich. Crisps. Pasta Carbonara
Friday Cereal & Apple Homemade Soup & Bread Homemade Pizza

As you can see, our breakfasts and lunches are pretty simple. I’m sure I’ll get round to writing the recipes down for you soon, but for now, I use the Smart Recipes app if I need inspiration. It really does help me plan meals for the week, which in turn, helps me to keep to our £50 budget we have set for ourselves, but what it doesn’t do, is get me picking different food.

Some call in a food rut, and maybe that’s what I’m stuck in, but I like what I like!

I found writing next weeks plan a bit hard. Because last week we spent so little, we used a lot of our cupboard staples up, so they all had to go down on the list.

I also have a bit of a confession to make. We haven’t done our shopping yet either. The Husband is doing it tonight, so I haven’t even got a figure for you for this week, but it WON’T be over £50 (i hope.)

Here’s the plan for next week then:

Friday 13th January –Friday 20th January Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Friday Cereal & Apple Homemade Soup & Bread Homemade Pizza
Saturday Crumpets & Smoothie Hot Cross Buns & Carrots Fish Cakes, Homemade Chips & Beans
Sunday Eggy Bread Pepper & Onion Melts Slow Cooked Spaghetti Bolognese
Monday Fruit Porridge & a Plum Cheesy Muffins & Crisps Sausages, Mash & Frozen Vegetables
Tuesday Cereal & Pear Ham Sandwich & Pear Sweet & Sour Chicken & Rice
Wednesday Fruity French Toast Homemade Soup & Bread Hunters Chicken, Roast Sweet Potatoes & Frozen Vegatables
Thursday Fruit Bread & Smoothie Crackers, Ham & Crisps Cheese & Bacon Pasta Bake
Friday Egg & Soldiers Ham Sandwich, Crisps & Pear Chicken Nuggets, Mash & Beans

So everything is pretty simple. Jelly and yogurts seem to be the kids favourite after dinner snack. I’ve also been asked about what we do about snack time. To be honest, it really does depend on where we are. If we’re at home, then it’s normally fruit or a smoothie, as my kids don’t tend to eat a lot of vegetables. If we’re out, then it’s raisins or maybe a cheeky Pan au chocolate if I have one in my bag for them to share. I’m pretty easy going.

The plans aren’t here to strap us into food, they are there mainly for me, to keep me on track food wise, so I don’t keep feeding us all the same food (whoops) and also to keep that shopping bill down. It certainly seems to be working so far.

See you next week!

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